Wayne’s Top Five Favorite Finds

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Chasing Classic Cars is a popular show that features Wayne’s top favorite class cars. He takes viewers behind the scene on his mission to discover the most exotic cars in the world. He is an expert on the Ferrari and loves to restore them to their original condition. The show is featured on the Discovery cable channel. The show is currently in its sixth season and is one of the Discovery channel’s most popular shows. Each episode features Wayne’s latest classic car finds. The show originally aired in June, 2002. He has over 40 years in the classic car business Read more…

Rising Up From The Garage Door Graveyard

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In the world of classic cars, it’s everyone’s dream to locate a garage that has a variety of special classic cars inside. Although these classics can sometimes be a little worse for the wear, many times they are completely salvageable and can be restored. With a little tender loving care, a little know how and the ability to source or reproduce the parts needed, an old clunker that was left in a garage to die can be restored to it’s once glistening beauty.

Whether the vehicle happens to have been an old racer that’s seen Read more…

‘Chasing Classic Cars’ a Must-Watch for Vintage Auto Collectors

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“Chasing Classic Cars” follows expert car restorer Wayne Carini as he gives viewers an inside look at his personal quest to find some of the world’s rarest and most extraordinary automobiles. The show, which airs on the Velocity channel, is filmed entirely in high definition. During each half-hour episode, Carini sweeps the countryside in search of vintage rides that have been consigned to oblivion in warehouses and garages around the country. He purchases these cars and brings them to his Connecticut auto shop to restore them to their original state.

This show, which is currently on its sixth season, is a joy for anyone who’s interested in the hobby of collecting, restoring and/or selling antique cars. In addition to being enjoyable to watch for that niche audience, Chasing Classic Cars can also teach collectors how to maximize their investments. Carini tells his audience that investments should always be about “quality and not quantity.” He also says that he hates seeing people putting money into “nothing cars,” or automobiles that are falling out of favor with buyers.

In addition to collecting, restoring and selling these vintage cars, many people also like to drive them. Insuring one of these vehicles can be very confusing, but the importance of protecting this investment cannot be understated. If you need to insure an antique automobile, you can compare rates from multiple carriers at www.shop-carinsurance.net. Also, make sure to speak with a licensed agent to determine what type of coverage is best for you.

Things To Ponder Before Beginning A Classic Car Restoration

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Before you even consider buying and restoring that 1940 Cadillac classic car beauty maybe you can learn from my mistakes that cost me a fortune. Had I known these tips, I wouldn’t have screwed myself and the investment.
A – Learn as much as you can; even buy an old book on the Cadillac. Study it and keep it for a reference. The more you know the better.
B – It may cost you money, but hire a real classic car restoration pro that owns or works at a shop. I became buddies with George Barris in Hollywood, CA six months Read more…

Classic Autos: The Top Ten Rarest Finds

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Classic auto cars are some of the best finds for people that love cars. These cars include everything from Novas, Impalas and muscle cars. There are literally thousands to choose from.

Chevrolet has multiple cars on this top ten list. They include vehicles like the Camaro and the Chevelle. The Ford Mustang and the Thunderbird. The Impala and the Firebird are also classic models that have become important staples in the world of classic vehicles.

Lots of these are rare finds. The number of classic Read more…

Why Chasing Classic Cars Takes Knowledge And Know How

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For those who are chasing classic cars, there are a variety of things that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important things you can do if you’re looking to find high-quality classic cars on a regular basis is to spend as much time as possible learning about them. Chasing classic cars takes a great deal of knowledge and know how; otherwise, you’ll simply be running around trying to catch up to yourself, and won’t be doing yourself a single Read more…

Classic Or Not? That Is the Question

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If you’re a billionaire it’s not even a question you have to mull over. But if you’re a regular person, who’s always wanted to own that one special classic vehicle, then a lot of thought usually goes into the purchase.

If you’ve found that “love of your life” classic, and you’ve saved enough money to go ahead and buy it, then you may be 1/4 of the way there. Not even 1/2 of the way you ask? Well, the next thing you need to think about is why are you buying the classic dream car? Is it to actually show off Read more…

Why Some Older Models Can’ t Be Beat

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The classics are classics for a reason. It is often hard to duplicate the same kind of quality that was associated with certain vehicles. This is evident because people are always restoring old cars. It almost seems ludicrous to think that 50 and 60 year old vehicles are still running today, but it is true.

The reason that people take so much time restoring older models is because they have quality behind the design. Technology has definitely improved the dashboard in Read more…